Bob Mauldin

Music has always been a part of what makes Bob Mauldin tick. Influences in early life were the likes of Michael Nesmith, David Allen Coe, Billy Joe Shaver and more. Artists like this tend to inspire a boy to write his own songs and that is exactly what Bob did. Before long a stack of songs piled up and filled hours of cassettes, mini discs and CDs stored away until they were fit to be heard. 
In an on-again-off-again relationship with his music, there has been an inconsistent flow of new material in the 20 years since Bob's music first reached airwaves and began to attract attention. In 2001, a simple ditty that had been store away for years made its way into the hands of a legendary DJ who started spinning it regularly on his show.  After that, Bob began to open for Tony Douglas and other touring legends when they'd come through his East Texas home turf. Never one to venture very far from home to sell his music, Bob put together a band to play his songs and some classic country covers on various stages around the state.
Then, Expedition Texas came along.
These days, Bob is probably best known for being the host and executive producer of TV's EXPEDITION TEXAS, but music is always bubbling up under the surface.  Most recently, in 2019 Bob's album Summer Days was released and the title song received widespread airplay. While preparing to release a second single from that album, Bob was given the job of producer on SWE Fury, a pro wrestling TV show. The time commitment and financial opportunity meant that music once again had to be set aside for a while.
While Summer Days and its predecessor, Van Zandt County Line can be still be found anywhere music is sold, new material has been in the works literally since the moment Summer Days was finished in 2019. Now, some three years later, it appears that with the end of SWE TV commitments, there has been free time to create even more new music and to complete an album that promises to surpass all previous venture in creativity and quality of content. In Spring 2022, the new material will release and Bob will once again put on his music hat and see where it takes him.