Bob Mauldin

Probably best known for being the host of TV's EXPEDITION TEXAS, Bob Mauldin's career has been a collage of childhood dreams come true.  For nearly 20 years, Bob made a living as a radio DJ and programmer.  During the later portion of his radio career, Bob dabbled in television production, lending his talents to shows like "Championship Wrestling From Texas" and "Halloween Harvey's Festival of Fear" before developing the concept that later became "Expedition Texas."
In 2008, Bob released the single "Redneck Rebel" due to the response it received at his shows. The song was played on Texas Country stations all over the state.

In early 2011 Bob struck a deal with Ah-Ha Music Group to record a new 12-song album for the label. The resulting album, Van Zandt County Line along with other items can be found in the STORE
Now in 2019, Bob has once again been in the studio to record a brand new 10-song LP to be released June 3rd.  Look for Summer Days where ever music is sold.