Summer Days

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Released on June 3rd 2019. You can get your album on CD and personalized by buying it from our site (Click "Add to Cart) or download it from your favorite digital music app!

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Van Zandt County Line

This album from 2011 was originally released in the fall of that year, featuring the single "Ride Me Down Easy" which was a duet with The Honky Tonk Hero himself, Billy Joe Shaver.  Includes several of Bob's own songs, plus his takes on some classics! Buy physical CD by clicking:

Or CLICK HERE to download "Van Zandt County Line" on ITUNES!!

The Early Years

Songs from Bob's first ten years as a recording artist. Includes lots of tunes you hear at live shows!  A good CD to have to get caught up on everything Bob recorded prior to 2011's Van Zandt County Line